Wggb Agreement

The new agreement means that for a one-hour drama slot period the rate increases to 13,320 $US. The series and series rate climbs to 10,570 $US. WGGB agreements cover minimum costs and work practices and include repeat fees, credits, copyrights, payments, collaboration with authors and much more. Max Rumney, Pact`s Deputy CEO and Chief Operating Officer, said: “We look forward to renewing our negotiations with WGGB and LDC to update our existing agreement. In the meantime, after discussions with the WGGB and the LDC, Pact agreed that rates should be increased and that the new rules should have a forum to ensure that our agreement remains useful to both producers and authors. It has already been established that the new agreement will create a forum for its management and update responsibly. The co-written script mini-parts are prorated and the share is agreed upon when the part is under contract. Z.B. two authors of a 90` coin if on an agreed basis 50:50, each receives a 45` award. If the allocation changes over the course of the letter and the action must be adjusted (with the agreement of all parties), this must be agreed before or when the second half of the tax is paid (not after the event). WGGB prices and agreements cover television, theatre, radio and parts of the film. In addition, you will find detailed advice on best practices in the policies and brochures we establish.

These are all available as PDFs in the Resources section or in the WGGB headquarters. We can also advise members by phone or email. Go to the Contacts section. In accordance with Radio 4`s Agreement on Extra-Genea privileges (expiry date: March 2018), the archive`s programming is paid for on the following basis: Translations of plays, prose and verse are payable for two-thirds of the prices due to each original translator and author. If you are dramatizing an English translation, a producer must clarify the rights to the translation and the underlying work. 2/3 of the prose for the dramatization rate is paid to both the original author/publisher and the British translator/publisher. Since 2014, the BBC has been writing to authors requesting that its entire catalogue of BBC programmes be made available to radio and television under (paid) conditions similar to those of the BBC`s contemporary programme commissions.