What Is The Fifth Toltec Agreement

All artists live in their own dreams, in their own world. In this world, everything they perceive is the truth to them, and it might be absolutely true for artists who express their history, but that is not the truth for you. The only truth for you is what you perceive in your world. With this consciousness, there is nothing to prove to anyone. It`s not about being right or wrong. They respect what someone says because respect is so important. When you hear, you respect other artists, you respect their art, their creation. Speak with integrity and say what you mean. Avoid using the word to speak against yourself or to scold others. Use the power of your word towards truth and love. Most of us have heard of the four Don Miguel Ruiz agreements, but there is now a fifth agreement. As I was leaving, I ventured for a business trip to a cool little store and saw the new book.

It didn`t take me long to realize that I had to buy it and reread it. I`ve given over a dozen of these books – this is one of those books they want to share with others. The four chords have been printed and pinned to my fridge for years. Words are relevant and wise and help me live with less stress and grief. It delves deeply into the difficulties that many of us experience in our daily lives. This is one of those “need to read”! I love the way small businesses lead you to something you might need. I hope you enjoy my summary of the agreements. You may be buying it on your next trip to bookstores. For those who have it, it may be a little help to reopen it. His son, Don Jose Ruiz, then published a sequel with his father, titled The Fifth Agreement, adding another chord:[14] People will come to them and tell you their personal story, their views on what they think is the truth. But you won`t judge whether it`s the truth or if it`s not the truth.

You have no judgment, but you have respect. We hear the way other people express themselves, knowing that everything they say is nothing but a story distorted by their faith. You know it because you feel it. You know that, that`s all. But you also know when their words come from the truth, and you know it without words, and that is the main point. People always try to crochet your attention, because through attention, they can download all the information.