Eu Free Trade Agreement With Mercosur

Trade barriers disproportionately affect small businesses more than large businesses, as small businesses may not have the time and resources to overcome them. This is why the EU has called for the establishment of a specific chapter for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in trade agreements to address the specific challenges of SMEs in international trade and investment activities. The agreement will also provide opportunities for supply chains of products manufactured in a way that contributes to environmental protection, such as. B paran nuts from natural forests. The agreement will eliminate these high tariffs and other barriers to trade, such as ambiguous rules and rules or complex procedures, making it easier for European producers to export to Mercosur. EURACTIV`s partner EFE Asunción. Similarly, the EU maintains proposals to introduce a system of progressive import duties in relation to the increase in exports from the Mercosur region. The more we export, the higher the EU tariffs will be. .

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